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To be members in various networks and platforms is in our view very important for our work. It brings us not just valuable contacts, but also experience and information. 



This international umbrella organization comprises over 600 groups from 54 countries in Europe and Central Asia. It was founded in 1996 and is part of the global organization ILGA-World, which was founded already in 1978. ILGA-Europe is an engine for political, legislative and social change – it helps LGBTI+ activists with seminars and workshops, if provides counseling and financial contributions. Its vision is a world in which dignity, freedom and full human rights are available to all, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender identity etc. Prague Pride representatives attend its annual conference, which in 2019 we co-organized in Prague, with the participation of the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tomas Petricek.


EPOA – European Pride Organisers Association

EPOA is a network of European LGBTI+ groups which organize Pride festivals. It was established in 1991 as a joint initiative of the Pride festivals in Amsterdam, Berlin, and London. Today is has over 90 members (teams) from more than 30 countries. EPOA’s goal is to promote Pride events, which it views not only as celebrations, but also as basic components of the movement for LGBTI+ rights in Europe. At its annual meeting is helps its members deepen their knowledge through seminars and training sessions. EPOA came up with the EuroPride concept, the all-Europe festival, taking place in a different city every year. The Czech Republic has not yet hosted the EuroPride, but who knows what the future might bring? 



InterPride is an international organization connecting Prides all over the world. It was established in Boston in 1982 as a U.S. Pride association. In time it took in new members and since 1997 it is a global organization also focusing on bisexual and transgender topics. InterPride organizes an annual conference (with EPOA) selects cities to host WorldPride, and issues the yearly PrideLife.


NELFA – Network of LGBTIQ* Families Associations

NELFA, a European network of organizations dealing with LGBTIQ+ families, has been up and running since 2009. Its goal is to connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer parents and their children. The star in its name means it is open to all kinds of other family constellations. It brings together 41 groups in 33 European countries. NELFA’s main goal is to ensure that children raised in rainbow families get the same rights as any other children. It urges European governments to adopt laws and politics that do not discriminate against LGBTIQ* families. Since 2012 the organizations in NELFA mark the first Sunday in May as the International Family Equality Day (IFED).


PROUD – Platforma pro rovnoprávnost, uznání a diverzitu

PROUD is a Czech platform focused on lobbying, legislative changes and public promotion of LGBT+ topics. Its fundamental belief is that all people are free and equal in rights without distinction. Its vision is a Czech society where sexual orientation and identity are not decisive for the wellbeing of a particular person. PROUD has initiated a legislative change concerning the right to adopt children and set up the Same family campaign. The members of this platform are Prague Pride, Charlie, Ollove, STUD Brno and individuals.


Pride Business Forum

This is the only platform in the Czech Republic that creates a space for discussion on LGBT equality in workplace. It ensures tight cooperation between the public and private sector and provides to managers and other professionals a unique opportunity to share direct experiences and best practices in corporative diversity. Besides its annual conference, this platform also hosts meetings and workshops for member companies. Pride Business Forum was established by the Prague Pride association in 2011.


Coalition for Marriage

In 2016 the Prague Pride association initiated a coalition of organizations focused on LGBT topics. It was joined by Amnesty, Logos Česká republika, Mezipatra, Prague Pride, PROUD and Queer Geography. The goal of the coalition is to keep up the Jsme fer (We are fair) campaign, which strives to ensure the right to marriage for the gay and lesbian couples in the Czech Republic. It has been running since 2017 and has achieved a lot, such as gathering 75.000 signatures on a petition for equal marriage, and introducing the Equal Marriage Bill to Parliament in June 2018. 


Together at Ilga Europe in Vienna; Representative of Prague Pride at EPOA in Gotteborg; Taking over the flag of organizors at Ilga Europe in Brussels, Sofia takes over the flag at Ilga Europe in Prague










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