Understanding opposition towards LGBT+ people in Central Europe

Event day: Mon 3.8.2020
2020-08-03 21:00
2020-07-08 22:00
Pride Studio
Organizer: Amnesty International ČR, Prague Pride, Queer Geography
Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2704466433212878
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Today we know that the task of achieving equality for LGBT+ people in the region of Central and Eastern Europe does not follow any straight line, nor it can be taken for granted as a matter of time. Recent examples of incitements of violence against LGBT+ people in the region with hotspots in Białystok have proven to be part of a systematic effort to deprive LGBT+ people of their rights, dignity and feelings of security which took form within unprecedented campaigns such "Zones without LGBT+ ideology" in Poland, "anti-LGBT+" referenda in Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia or recently in Russia, as well as within the "cisnormative backlash" against trans and intersex people in Hungary. These and various other forms of "anti-LGBT+ politics" has slowly creeped into our region as if it was some form of a "socio-political ailment".

Within our online panel discussion, the participants will focus on an understanding of this "socio-political ailment", in order to recognize and assess the potential remedies and discuss the effectiveness of those they already tried. The time when we could afford of being divided has passed, we must connect, network, and share our best understandings in order to produce novel effective strategies and implement them in our real lives and our current live-spans.


Veronika Valkovičová (Slovakia)

Ivett Ördög (Hungary)

Bart Staszewski (Poland)  


Michal Pitoňák (Czechia)

Here you can watch the event online:

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