Register for FUN&RUN in March. Help Foundation will multiply your registration fee

FUN&RUN 2019 – a run against homophobia and stigmatization of HIV+ persons will take place in Letna park on Saturday 18 March. Runners will set off on 5 and 10 km routes with stunning views on Prague panorama. The proceeds raised from the run will be used to support the LGBT peer-to-peer mentoring website and the refuge for HIV+ persons the House of Light.

Online registration has been opened for a special price of 300 CZK till the end of March. Then the price rises to 400 CZK.

The Karel Janeček Help Foundation will multiply each registration fee paid in March by a golden ratio. That means that on top of your 300 CZK fee they will add 185,4 CZK. Thanks to the Foundation, proceeds of FUN&RUN 2019 will be up to 12x21x212 (= 53 424 CZK) higher. The money will be used to support online LGBT peer-to-peer mentoring service and the House of Light for HIV+ clients. Thank you!

What is a golden ratio

The Golden Ratio is a ratio with an approximate value of 1,618. Golden Ratio is more than a mathematical concept. The value of the concept equals an irrational number. The Golden Ratio can be found in the existence of matter, i.e. macro-world (galaxies, Solar System) and micro-world (atoms, particles); in the existence of life, in fauna and flora. The Golden Ratio is important in art. I believe that it is good for us as thinking beings to know the Golden Ratio and understand it. - Karel Janeček

FUN&RUN 2019

Information about FUN&RUN 2019 is on this webpage

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Join us and run against homophobia!

LGBT peer-to-peer mentoring service

Online LGBT peer-to-peer mentoring service was launched 4 years ago.

It has helped over 2800 clients. 

Mentors and clients have exchanged over 60,000 messages in a secure chat. 

We have prevented 15 suicides. 

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