An open letter to Prague Writer's Festival organizers

We, the undersigned, condemn the invitation and visit of Germaine Greer to the Prague Writers Festival and call upon our members and supporters to boycott this event.


Trans people in the Czech Republic face some of the most stringent laws in the European Union. The Czech states infringes the human rights and personal integrity of transpeople in multiple ways from surgical intervention to compulsory sterilisation to 9un0equal marriage. The Czech state is clearly hostile to the well being of transpeople.

Additionally there are structural in equalities in access to healthcare, education and housing. This oppression has a direct impact on the lives of transpeople. It is little wonder that the figures for self harm and attempted suicide are so high.

It is in this local context of oppression and inequality that the Prague Writers Festival have chosen to invite one of the leading transphobes in the world. Greer, in her writing and in numerous broadcasts has dismissed the right to a gender identity and referred to transwomen as 'delusional men'.

As groups committed to an inclusive feminism we condemn and vow to resist the fundamentalist ideas of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism. This ideology is not simply hostile  to transpeople but it posits an eliminationary scenario detached from our present material conditions. We believe it is this material reality is the field on which an inclusive feminism needs to be fought.

In this context the invitation to Greer legitimises TERF ideology and is a direct challenge to transpeople, feminists and all those who desire a progressive, inclusive anti-capitalist politics. Prague and the Czech republic needs to stand up to against all forms of trans phobia and essentialist feminism.


Butterfly - Youth Activism

Central European Feminist School

Diera do sveta (Slovakia)

Feministicka banda (Slovakia)

Kosice Pride

Labour International

Povstanie pokračuje (Slovakia)

Prizma (Kosice, Slovakia)

Saplinq, O. Z. (Kosice, Slovakia)



Spolek Charlie

Transfuzia (Slovakia)


Prague Pride


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