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Prague is hosting ILGA-Europe conference

Prague will host in late October a big LGBT+ activism event – the anniversary conference of the ILGA-Europe organization, which brings together every year more than 500 activists not only from Europe, but also from Central Asian nations. Prague Pride and Proud won the right to host the event in Prague.
The conference takes place 23-26 Oct. 2019.

Introducing ILGA-Europe

ILGA-Europe is an independent, international non-governmental umbrella organization bringing together nearly 600 organizations from 54 countries in Europe and Central Asia. ILGA-Europe was established as a separate region of ILGA and an independent legal entity in 1996. ILGA itself was created in 1978. ILGA-Europe is an engine for political, legislative and social change – it provides training and support to its member organizations and other LGBTI groups on advocacy, fundraising, organizational development, strategic communications and much more. Its vision is a world where dignity, freedom and full human rights are respected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity etc.

The ILGA-Europe anniversary conference agenda includes plenary sessions, workshops, counseling and small-format discussions triggered by the participants themselves. It will be a unique opportunity to get to know new topics of the LGBT+ world, interesting views, but also unique people, committed to the fight for LGBTQI+ rights in various countries, with various levels of freedom.

Coming to the closing party?

The ILGA Europe 2019 Closing Party will take place at the Mama Shelter Hotel on October 26th from 8pm. In addition to plenty of food and drinks, you can also look forward to the local Roma band Lače Manuša and local DJ's.
If you enjoyed the conference, we would like to kindly ask you to consider a financial contribution to support the activities of Prague Pride. In addition to organizing a summer pride festival, the aforementioned activities include, for example, the operation of peer-to-peer mentoring website for LGBT+ youth in crisis, Fun&Run - charity run against homophobia and stigmatization of HIV+ persons, or organization of Parental Prep seminars for same-sex couples planning to start a family.


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